The Financial Stewardship Ministry provides financial guidance for budgeting, saving, giving, reducing debt, credit card use, and planning, through free workshops, seminars, budget coaching services and Sunday morning classes. The ministry helps Christian adults and youth apply God’s stewardship principles to their lives and change their personal and family economic lifestyles, to benefit God’s kingdom and their financial futures.
Money is a powerful thing and it can be a spiritual ally or a spiritual enemy. As an ally, money enables us to carry out God’s work in the world and provide comfort and joy for others and ourselves. As an enemy, it creates barriers that inhibit God’s work and cause us to falter on the path of spiritual growth and transformation.
Signature Events include:
  • Financial Freedom Workshops
  • 7-Week Financial Freedom Sunday Morning Specialty Classes
Want to volunteer?
Each volunteer must be a born again Christian, a committed contributor, willing to grow spiritually through Bible Study and prayer, and possess a desire to become a faithful steward of God’s resources.
Email for more information or to volunteer.