Spiritual Growth


The Baptism Ministry provides training and preparation for the Ordinance of Baptism, ensures a comfortable environment for the candidates and any accompanying family members, and makes sure the baptism pool and waiting area are accessible and safe. Baptisms are performed every Sunday at the 11:00 service and every Wednesday at the beginning of Bible Study, unless otherwise notified.

Volunteers must be willing to receive training, schedule classes and baptisms, attend baptism classes and maintain an adequate stock of items required for baptism.

Email: info@fallbrookchurch.org for more information.


The Christian Education Ministry strengthens families by equipping them with the full amour of God. We must strengthen our families and one way to keep the family together and strong is to pray, study and adhere to the Word of God. God is awesome and to learn more about his great Word or to share the Word, we have class for you! Classes are at 9:40 on Sunday mornings for all ages and groups – Single, Married, Children, Youth, Young Adults, Adults and Senior Adults.

Email: sundayfellowships@fallbrookchurch.org for more information.


The Discipleship Team listens to and affirms decisions made by individuals who accept Christ during the worship service invitation by using God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.

Volunteers must be willing to present the plan of salvation to new converts, welcome new members, meet the prayer needs of individuals who request prayer, serve after at least one Sunday service, and display discernment regarding the need to refer personal problems to the Elders, Deacons or staff. Each volunteer must be a born again Christian and member of Fallbrook Church, complete Discipleship Team training, faithfully attend at least one service a week, and be willing to grow spiritually through Bible Study and prayer.

Email: discipleship@fallbrookchurch.org for more information.