A Place For All Ages


Fallbrook loves kids and embraces a commitment to support families by teaching God’s Word and maintaining an atmosphere that inspires faith and growth. Our Brook Kids Ministry focuses on guiding children through each stage of life with fun and intentionality while preparing parents to cultivate their child’s growing faith in God. Through purposeful teaching and engaging programs designed specifically for them, Fallbrook helps kids from nursery through Grade 5 learn God’s truth and shape a biblical understanding of the world. In a safe and nurturing environment, kids know they are loved and cared for and parents are supported and equipped.


Our Fallbrook Students ministry offers Jr High and High School students  a fun and vibrant community in which they find a place to belong, build lasting relationships and deepen their walks with God. In-depth discipleship opportunities  worship at LIVE on Wednesday nights and weekend Bible Study teach students how to live with purpose and meaning. Our Epic Students Ministry understands that the teenage years can be difficult to navigate for many, but we also know that they are integral for spiritual growth and maturity. We seek to meet students’ unique needs while ensuring a solid foundation of biblical truth that prepares them to confront and navigate the obstacles they encounter. 

Young Adults

Your 20’s are a time of exploring that next step in life. You want to get it right and we’re here to help. Our Young Adult ministry helps you discover your purpose in life in a community of friends trying to figure it out together. We regularly get together to worship, pray and change the world one life at a time. 


We Have A Place For You

At Fallbrook Church, we are committed to creating community. The key to connecting is getting involved in a Bible Study class or Joining A Connect Group. Bible Studies and Connect Groups are the heartbeat of Fallbrook and is what gives our big church a friendly, small town feel.
Classes are designed with our diverse crowd in mind. You will find a class for every age – literally from birth to adulthood! You will discover that the class becomes your “Fallbrook” Family as you make wonderful friends and begin “doing life” together. Our weekly classes are designed to challenge you every week to grow in your faith. Whether you have never owned a Bible or hold a Master’s Degree in Theology, come join us. You will be glad you did!